What to Consider when Searching for the Best Golf Cart Battery?

One of these days, you may find yourself stuck in the middle of the road because your battery just died. As a golf cart user, it is important to choose the best battery that will last long. Regardless of the specific reason behind the replacement, consider finding the best option guaranteed to provide sustainable performance without sacrificing your tight budget.

Factors to Consider when Searching for the Best Golf Cart Batteries

One common mistake of most buyers is looking at the price of products they intend to buy first. It is understandable, though, as most shoppers check the price first before they ask or research about the product’s advantages. While price is also a vital factor when searching for the best golf cart battery, note that you also need to consider other important factors.

In making your choice, you also need to check the battery’s capacity, energy rate, terminal type, capacity, dimensions and weight. Note that these factors can affect its performance

  1. Capacity – Make a parallel connection with the batteries so it can operate at increased capacity. However, this doesn’t increase the voltage of the system. Again, this will only increase the capacity and its limit.
  1. Battery Type – The battery type is also as important as the capacity and price of the battery. Knowing the type will give you an assurance before the purchase. Make sure you are familiar with it first. Actually, there are three types of golf cart batteries. These are Flooded lead acid battery, AGM lead acid battery, and GEL lead acid battery. Research about the pros and cons of each one, so you can pick the right choice.
  1. Voltage – Looking for the perfect battery for your golf cart also includes learning about its voltage. As a buyer, this is important as this helps in figuring out which one you should choose. Decide on the number of batteries to use depending on the voltage. Normally, golf carts run on 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt batteries; hence, it is crucial to consider this as this has an impact on the battery’s performance.
  1. Best Battery Model – Golf cart batteries are not made equal. They have different capacities and amounts of energy, so it would be wise to speak to a customer support team of your chosen provider. This will let you ask questions regarding the product. You will learn more about different brands by doing this, giving you several choices and making it easier for you to find the best one.
  1. Terminal Type – Lastly, decide on the kind of wires or cables that you want to use. Figure out the best terminal option that can satisfy your energy needs. To do this, check the number of terminals in your golf cart battery and buy the cables that will fit.

After learning about these factors that are crucial in finding the best golf cart battery, it is also advisalbe to research about the key features of a golf-cart battery. Deep cycle service, low maintenance, life, power distribution and control, robust construction, vibration resistance and warranty are just some of the key features to look for. Some options have all these features. All it takes is to conduct a more extensive research to find them.

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