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Fantastic stallion prospect sired by super mover Klerkur frá Bjarnanesi!

Lakkris is 5-gaited stunning 2 year old black stallion with all the assets to become the next superstar: Very well built, long arched neck, long legs, good topline, and great movements. His great leg lift comes so natural in all gaits and you can only imagine how much he can improve later in his life under the saddle, when he gains more power, strength, confidence and balance.

Lakkri’s father is Klerkur frá Bjarnanesi. Klerkur is is a real Gæðingur who received nothing but dream marks for his ridden abilities: 9.5 for trot, 9 for walk, tölt, slow tölt, gallop, canter, spirit, and general impression. His total result for ridden abilities is 8.46 as a 4-gaiter! Klerkur is a son of the famous Glampi frá Vatnsleysu and inherited his unbelievable big movements. Glampi was evaluated with 8.35 in total and 8.68 for ridden abilities with 9 for trot, spirit, and general impression and 8.5 for tölt, gallop, canter, and walk. In 2006 Glampi received 1st prize for hi offsprings. Klerkur’s mother is Snælda frá Bjarnanesi, 1st prize mare with 8.24 and 8.51 for ridden abilities as a 4-gaiter (9.5 for trot, gallop, and spirit, 9 for tölt).

Klerkur has proven himself as competition horse as well and, amongst others, won the Gæðingakeppni B-Class (four gait) at Fjórðungsmót of East Iceland 2013 with 8.96. His highest result for Gæðingakeppni B-Class is 9.12, though, received in 2012 at Félagsmót Hornafjörður. Klerkurs highest marks for Four-gait V1 are 8,07 in master class and 7,93 in Tölt T1. Klerkur and both his parents, Snælda and Glampi, took part in Landsmót finals in B-Class.

Lakkris’ mother is Náttdís frá Smáratúni, daughter of Sikill frá Sperðli (8.34 in total) and Nótt frá Meðalfelli (7.73 in total). Through her mother Náttdis has the famous Kolkuós-blood in her veins. Náttdís herself is five gaited and passed the pace on to her son Lakkris.

Lakkris is a fantastic prospect for breeding and sport.He is your chance to aquire an exceptionally good youngster for a very reasonable price, and start forming your next superstar yourself in the near future
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